Samsung PNE6500 Series Review

Among the top contenders of the coveted, ‘2012 plasma TV space’ is Samsung’s PN60E6500 3D plasma TV that belongs to the Samsung PN60E6500 series. It is a 60-inch television set which weight around 65 pounds. It comes with TV stand (and stand hardware), a remote control, two batteries for the remote control, and user’s manuals. If you want it buy it, it will cost you prices that range from $1597.99 to $1599.99 in the leading stores such as,, Dell Home,, and

Design and Features of the Samsung E6500 series

This Samsung 6500 series has a bezel design, which is much similar to the one of Panasonic ST50. In fact, you can easily confuse the two especially the acrylic surround that is clear.  One thing that makes the Samsung PN60E6500 3D plasma TV outstanding is the ‘Real Black Pro technology’, which improves the TVs black levels, though appears inky when it is in a very bright room.

Furthermore, the Samsung PN60E6500 3D plasma TV comes with anti-glare features on its panel glass and a Smart Hub, which has a Wi-Fi internet browser that will allow you access some of the popular apps including the Samsung Smart TV apps. It also has a 3D shutter and two pairs of 3D glasses, all active. The TV also offers conversion from 2D to 3D and advanced options for calibration.

Other features of this TV include a wireless touchpad remote control, camera, microphone, controls for voice and gesture, Skype Integration, an Option for QWERTY keyboard, and 3 HDMI input ports that are installed together with two USB ports.

Performance of the Samsung PNE6000 Series

Looking at the performance of Samsung PNE6500 Series, these TVs can boast of the best black levels that the world of plasma TV has experienced and you cannot see a difference between this TV and the Panasonic ST50 using your naked eyes. It is much better than what the Samsung D8000 series, which was released last year, had.

Looking at the TV’s brightness and whiteness, you will be able to get vivid white levels and extremely good brightness. The TV comes with contrast and cell light settings that can be used to get the whiteness you need while you keep black levels at their best. To mitigate screen reflection, the Samsung E6500 comes with an anti-reflective coating. This coating also helps it give a shadowy image in a situation where bright light is entering into your room.

With minimal calibration, you will be able to achieve exceptional color accuracy and it does not present the blurring challenges that most LCD TVs have when you look at its motion performance.

If you are used to four HDMI inputs, the TV has only three and it is easy to use since there has been much improvement on the previous year’s Samsung Smart Hub. Although the Samsungs proprietary applications are still more emphasized, you can be able to access some admired apps such as CinemaNow, Hulu, Pandora, and so on. Accessing the Smart Hub has also been made simple since it can be accessed by a centrally placed hotkey on the remote that takes you directly to the interface for apps.

The 3D performance of this TV is at par with most of the top-tier televisions and it will serve you well if you love active 3D, especially with the light glasses that are included. You will find them very comfortable.


The Samsung E6500 Series are some of the best plasma TVs you can buy if you are looking for a highly performing television. Although its close competitor, Panasonic ST50 has an edge in brightly lighted environments, its favorable price makes it the Ideal TV to buy.

Samsung PN51E550 51-Inch TV Review

In the Samsung Plasma 5 series, Samsung delivers the amazing power of 3D and that of Smart TV. A wide range of features are built on the Samsung PN51E550 to make this particular series one of the top models in the market today. Of the most notable features the Samsung Smart TV is made with, the ability to use it to access online content, streaming music and movies, chatting and sharing with friends are quite a top-notch features. The Samsung PN51E550 51-Inch is made to give users an extremely delightful entertainment experience.

The Samsung PN51E550 51-Inch Display

Samsung PN51E550 series has a full HD display ability with a resolution of 1080 pixels. This is teamed up with highly improved cinema smooth technology and black levels and contrast. Even in movie scenes with high dark shadow levels, the All Black Pure Filter of the Samsung Plasma 5 series makes it possible for you to see all the small details.

Picture quality also scores highly. Although the All Black Pure Filter common with most top-tier Samsung plasma televisions is not as outstanding, picture quality is still superb, thanks to the excellent Samsung better picture technologies. You get clear picture and a little bit of picture graininess. With 3D display and 1080 pixels, you definitely get good picture display.

The 3D Viewing Feature

The 51E550 Samsung series comes with two pairs of the new and improved Samsung’s 3D glasses. These glasses are made lightweight. They are therefore much more comfortable and less bulky than most Active 3D glasses. The 3D feature of this TV makes clear highly detailed pictures with less of blurring and crosstalk.


With the Smart TV having been expanded for the year 2012, 51E550 series has access to lots of completely premium apps from the apps store containing over 1500 third party applications. You can now play a good number of games on your Samsung Plasma 5 series, including Angry Birds as well as watch Discovery Channel. You can surf the World Wide Web on this television since it is fully equipped for internet connectivity and a complete web browser.

Samsung PN51E550 51-Inch comes with an inbuilt Wi-Fi that makes connectivity to wireless LAN possible for web surfing. Now you can update your Twitter and Facebook, stream movies from the internet, download your favorite apps right on the Samsung 5 series Smart TV.


The Samsung PN51E550 51-Inch is made of a 1-inch plastic bazel, black that has a clear acrylic finish. It is 2.75-inch deep, which makes it slim though not as slim as most of the modern generations of modern Plasma televisions.


The 51E550 plasma TV has an expanded control that enables it to function seamlessly with any devices that are Samsung branded such as home theatre and Blu-ray systems.

Purchasing this television, you will get the PN51E550 Plasma HDTV of 51 inches, a stand, Active 3D glasses (two pairs), and a standard remote. A user manual or documentation is also included with the entire package of the Samsung PN51E550 series.

Panasonic TC-P55ST50 Review

The Panasonic TC-P55ST50 is one of the latest large plasma televisions. It comes with a display of 1080 pixels of high definition (HD) images and 3D. This model is generally an improvement of its predecessor, the ST30. Specifically, internet connectivity is one of the major features added to the previous model to make the TC-P55ST50 series. Other improvements that have been added by Panasonic on this model include 2500 FFD, 3D images and an increased refresh rate of 2500Hz.

The Design

The Panasonic TC-P55ST50 has a large plasma panel laid in a body of textured gray material. This material has a clear glass finish, making it carry a classy non-traditional style. The design of this Panasonic HDTV does not have many ports on its back-left side, although there are just enough of them on the television to accommodate all the modern devices you may have.

This design does not have many ports for connectivity, but Panasonic has included the most important ones. The TC-P55ST50 television series comes with two USB and three HDMI ports on its side where the connections layout is made.  The TV also has a not-so-common SD card slot that accepts SDXC, SDHC and SD cards. There is also a LAN port to enable you surf the web on cable. However, this model does not have a PC connection port such as a VGA port.

Performance of the Panasonic TC-P55ST50

The Panasonic TC-P55ST50 has a superb black level display that produces a strong contrast ratio even with the brightness that is low peak. When set in cinema mode, this television dims its screen to enable optimal viewing especially when in dark rooms. It produces the most accurate gray scale values and colors. Several other modes are included for brightness adjustment although they can easily affect accuracy of picture quality without precise fine-tuning.

The viewing angle of the TC-P55ST50 is quite wide and good. It also features one of the best motion performances in comparison to a number of similar televisions. With a 2500 FFD and the inclusion of motion smoothness bar that is adjustable make viewing experience better because there is no blur at all. The shapes on your screen will not distort either.

Software and Internet Integration

The interface for internet connectivity loads within just a few seconds although there is no load page on this Smart TV. Once the main page loads, you can navigate through the options with ease. Online elements are neatly organized to make navigation fast.

The Panasonic TC-P55ST50 has a Vierra Connect front page that has a collection of apps you can download and those that are preloaded. Each page comes with eight squares. There are a total of four pages that you can browse through by selecting “More” at the screen’s center. Each of these pages are customizable to the user’s preferences.

In conclusion, the Panasonic TC-P55ST50 scores fairly well with most of its features such as internet connectivity, 3D experience and display. The improvement index from its predecessor is quite good.

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